Important Terms

The Great Calamity: The name for the incident when the moon was sundered, and the boundaries between planes were weakened. This lead to an Age of Peril.

The Seven: The seven heroes who stopped what would have been the end of all existence, and are immortalized in tribute on the moon in the form of watchful guardian statues, over the tomb of She Who Shatters The Sky. They are treated as minor deities, and are often the spoken about like urban legends and folk heroes. Everyone knows someone who swears they saw one of the Seven, making some great sacrifice, or stopping an injustice.
Not to be confused with “The Seven Clans”

The Clans, The Seven Clans: Religious-like groups of people who respect The Seven as though they were divine. They try to live up to perceived virtues of their patrons, and go to varying lengths to fill these roles.

Clan Names: There are several names for each clan, and seem to be, region based. While the different factions might squabble about the particulars of their dogma, there has been little conflict between any of the clans. Most of their conflict comes from accusing others of being in league with The Void, or another cult such as The Shining Tooth.

The Seven Clans are as follows:
1: The Rose Guard / Fist of Thorns / Nature’s Thorn
2: The Crimson Fist / Boulders of Blood / Broken Glass Brethren
3: The Right Hand / The Earthen Hammer / Panther Guard
4: The Violet Claw / Striped Spirits / Forgotten Cubs
5: The Tipsy Titans / The Singing Arrows / Horn of Arrows
6: The Tinkerers / The University / The Found Faculty / Dirty Trowels
7: The Little Dark / Floating Doom / Wings of Fear / Her Soldiers

Important Terms

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