Lewin's Lot

Last time!
Or: How I learned to stop worrying, and surf a desert.

After a two month long hiatus, our adventurers returned to the table.

The previous session’s exploits left our heroes about 1000 gold pieces, 100 lbs of iron, and a frog richer. The long walk from Presto Prescott (The preeminent practitioner of prismatically precious prestidigitation)’s estate was interrupted by some crackling, and a pop. A tree had just turned to sand. Before much of an investigation could be started, the more eagle eyed members of the party saw torches in the distance. Before long, the group split up, to set up an ambush if necessary. Team Alpha stayed in the road, and Team Beta fled to the nearby trees.

A portly, well-dress, hairless man, accompanied by several men (wearing bone and chitin) on horseback approached the party. Remarking on the amount of non-precious metals that was readily visible, he asked for the group to come with him. Tehuila attempted to pick him up, more curious than menacing. This spooked the man who identified himself as “William, Page to the Sorcerer King”. He teleported to safety, at which point Chase launched a volley of his readied spell for just such an event (or misunderstanding).

A brawl ensued wherein every use of divine or arcane magic ended in another piece of the environment turning to sand. After some earth bending, and shocking handshakes, William was cornered, his allies dispatched. Never ones to be rude, the party accepted his invite to meet the Sorcerer King, in the city of Chillium (Curiously, the same name of a desert town they visited the previous day).

After some discussion, the party realized that Sorcerer King Theodore could be their ticket out of this weird sandy wonderland. There was some negotiation that, long story short, ended in Lewin’s Lot agreeing to fight a Sorcerer King’s Wizard War against his Wizard Brother in the next territory, in exchange for a ride back to the Natural World and a Tembo (in a wheeled cage).

After a brief strategy meeting, the group adopted the “Blitz” suggestion from Theodore, and teleported (with the help of the Sorcerer King) to the top of Reginald’s tower, leaving a trail of sand from one keep to the other. They continued by blowing the roof off the place, and pogo-sword-ing the surprised King, but not before turning him into a tiny toad.

A mouthy piece of masonry came alive, and Reginald duplicated himself. He proved that magic wasn’t his only love by head-butting and neck-stabbing a few unlucky heroes. But it was too little too late as our brave heroes beat up and ultimately bisected a chubby blonde king. The amount of arcane and divine power utilized finally caught up with the party, as Reginald’s entire castle began to crumble to sand.

Acting on some kind of adventurer instinct, Thorman seized half a man by the hand, slung him over his back, and started surfing down a sand torrent. G’elde used some web roping to gather some other party members, while Tenley produced a parachute from her cloak of useful items.

Lewin’s Lot successfully navigate a dry and wild sand slide before making it back to Theodore’s place. After kicking his dead brother’s body a few times, he made good on his promise to send the party back. William asked if he could come, but Theodore said he wouldn’t have any of that nonsense. At the last second, Chase teleported to William, and brought him into the Star-Gate. When the ritual completed, a blinding white flash came from the mass of iron that was a material component for the ritual. The party saw the flash ripple to the ends of the horizon, as they saw sand emerge, cover, and overtake the entire environment.

This view changed friendlier as they rotated back to the material world, almost exactly where they left it: Next to the rope they used as a guide for a portal to another realm. Tembo in tow, the party and William went back to Haverbrook, and Lewin’s estate.

Waiting at the gate was a barrel labeled “LK-BK” upon which a note was waiting for Chase.
“To your exact specifications, I hope it’s good! -E”

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